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Builder of Cool !@#$

Hourly Rate

First Hour - $90.00

$90 for the first 5 - 60 mins. This rate only applies to the first hour of the first day.

Each additional hour - $45.00

I round to the nearest half hour.

Large Jobs rate - $40.00

$40 per hour for projects expected to take a week or more.


I generally purchase smaller amounts of materials with my money and get reimbursed by customer. I may ask for upfront money or ask for customer to arrange payment for larger quantities of materials.

I do not upcharge for materials. I do charge for shopping and traveling to and from the store. During multi day jobs I try to buy materials enroute to the job and only bill for actual shopping time.

I have a selection of random leftover materials that I see as "communal" and share between customers when useful. Customers are always welcome to keep any leftover materials but I find that most people dont have the space or desire. I leave returnable (unopened) materials with customers.

  • Dump Fee

    Most jobs produce a small amount of easily disposable trash/debris. Some big jobs require a dumpster rental. Some jobs fall in between and require me to haul stuff away. I may charge up to an $80 fee for each time I fill up my minivan and haul away debris.

    up to $80.00


I carry 1000s of nails, screws, washers, bits, blades etc. My customers keep my hardware replenished.

Some smaller jobs, that don't require a trip to the store, I might just "round up" my time a little to compensate for hardware used. I don't worry about a couple screws or nails here and there.

During Larger (Multi Day - Multi Week) jobs I keep my hardware replenished via the materials receipts.

EXAMPLE: I might use 27 screws, a sawzall blade, sandpaper, a nut, a bolt, and 4 washers at house and just bill the customer for a box of screws or something of equal(ish) value.

We all win if I can buy in bulk. Its a good system that saves money and trips to the store. Im honest about it. I leave with the same amount of stuff that I arrive with.

  • Blade Fee

    Certain jobs will require the purchase of a blade(s). Particularly ..... Laminate Flooring, Decks, Demolition, and Larger Tile Jobs

    $20 - $50+


Some jobs take 10 minutes some can take 10 months. Im just one guy.

I don't bite off more than I can chew and try to stay the right amount of busy. I try to not take on more than one large project at a time and try not to schedule too many projects too far into the future.

Handyman / Home Helper services might not be available to new customers if Im deep into a large project.

Connecticut License #HIC.0659897

Tool Fees

I carry enough hand tools and power tools to accomplish most jobs (Included in hourly rate). Some jobs require special tools....

  • Big Ladder Fee

    I carry a 6ft step ladder and will bring an 8ft ladder at no additional charge. If I must bring a 24ft extension ladder I charge an additional $30. If we need to get higher than that we'll need to rent something.


  • Scaffold Fee

    I can bring a set of 12ft scaffolding if needed. I charge a $60 fee (per week)


  • Cement Mixer Fee

    I charge a $50 "pain in the ass" fee per job that requires a mixer.


  • Tool Rental

    I dont upcharge to rent tools but I do charge for any time spent renting them. Customer responsible for all rental company fees. I make sure customer is aware before renting tools.

    Smaller tools Ive been known to rent: demolition saw, jackhammer, panel lift, paver saw, hammer drill etc.. Larger tools we might need include excavator, compactor, backhoe, man lift, etc.



C.O.D. - Cash or check
Credit cards accepted via paypal. Customer responsible for any fees.

I like to square up at the end of each day or as I leave smaller Handyman/ Home Helper jobs.
I like to square up every Friday for jobs lasting a week or more.


Im not a big phone-text guy. As a one man operation, I cant sit around gabbing all day. I much prefer email. Please use phone sparingly and feel free to email me anytime. Thank You.

Copy and Paste

Please include as much info as possible in your email. Photos, links, product make and models, etc.


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